The Vales EC Site Plan

The Vales EC Site Plan and Facilities

A whole range of amenities is available at The Vales EC. Please see the below site plan. Various facilities including a swimming pool, aqual deck, chess set, fitness station and BBQ area awaits you. A truly luxurious resort lifestyle for you and your family at the Punggol / Sengkang Area.

The Vales Site Plan

The Vales EC Sengkang Fernvale

Residents of The Vales EC can enjoy the wide varieties of good food available at Kopitiam square. This modern food centre distinguishes itself from others by factoring the needs and mindsets of the younger crowd in mind when determining the stall outlets.

Also, the cashless system by introducing the Kopitiam card also makes transactions hassle free for the residents of The Vales EC residents to use and therefore this make the younger crowd more incentives to dine at the Kopitiam square.

There are over 60 stalls offering food and beverages for the residents to choose from and a experienced management team and centre manager they will help stay engaged with the residents.

The development is also near the luxurious Punggol Waterfront Area. Please kindly look at the location. An exclusive and serene living environment awaits you at The Vales EC.

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