Landed Property Vs a Condo

What is an advantage of a landed property over a comparable area that is not landed? The primary advantage of landed properties is that they will provide the security and peace of mind that most homeowners want from their homes. Landed properties typically have better access to physical stores, hospitals, schools and police stations which are necessities for any urban dweller. A landed property will also have an address that can easily be entered in any search engine and many times has its own front door.

How do you discover the advantages of a landed property? One of the best ways to determine if a landed property is the right choice for you is to determine if your home would benefit from having one. A landed home typically offers several added benefits. Below we identify a few of the advantages that landed home offers:

Physical stores: Landed homes will typically have a greater number of physical stores than comparable homes that are not landed. Landed homes will offer access to major department stores like Sears and Kmart. Many times a landed property will also offer access to physical shopping centers like Circuit City and Costco. These types of stores can really add up over time and add a great deal to the overall value of a home.

Amenities: Often a landed property will offer additional amenities like access to swimming pools, tennis and badminton courts, golf courses, parks and additional outdoor recreational areas. A home with additional outdoor recreational features such as a pool or lake is an asset in many parts of the country. In the summer time a large advantage of a property is its ability to remain cool and dry. A large amount of property will feature gated entrances and air conditioned spaces for a private and comfortable backyard.

Shopping Centers: A landed home may not have the convenience of a shopping center on its doorstep. However a landed city will typically have a wide selection of local retailers within a few miles’ distance. This Park Hill advantage can become a disadvantage if you live in a small city where the population is small. The smaller population size means that there may be fewer local retailers within a certain distance. Also in some smaller cities the infrastructure needed to support more shopping centers may not be available.

Lesser Infrastructure: Because the home is not physically anchored to the ground like a sunken house is usually, the home will require less upkeep. Maintenance will be easier since there is no weight sitting on the foundation. Less maintenance also means that there may be fewer problems with plumbing, heating and cooling. Another advantage of landed properties is the greater availability of building codes and pest control services. You are less likely to experience structural problems because foundations do not need to be poured, reinforced or anchored to the earth.

Greater Property Tax Advantage: A landed property will most likely attract higher property tax rates. However, this advantage can also become a disadvantage as well. Because homes are typically built on higher land, you may have to pay more in taxes because of the higher property value. If you choose a low-rise design, you could also be required to pay less in taxes. However in the long run, the advantage of owning a home may end up costing you more because it may be harder to sell.

Disadvantages of Landed Properties: The main disadvantage of landed property is the potential for damage from natural disasters. If a large storm were to come, for example, all your nicely constructed homes could be destroyed. If your home were to suffer water damage to the point of being uninhabitable you could lose your home and all your hard work. If your home were to be damaged by fire or flood, the expense of rebuilding could be very expensive. And, the disadvantages of landed properties do not even begin to address the negative issues that may result from living in a subdivision such as developments that are in poor condition and that do not maintain the basic safety features of a home. Therefore, when planning your move, it is important to look at both advantages and disadvantages of a landed property before making your final decision.

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