CHIJ Primary School

The mission of CHIJ Primary School is to instill values and virtues to the children attending the school. The location of the school is based in the Bukit Timah area. This school is affiliated with the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. The first school to be built in this area was the Blessed Hope Primary School. It was constructed 20 years ago and closed down two years ago. However, it was purchased by the Archdiocese in mid-2021.

As part of their values and ideals program, the school provides an environment that will motivate and enable children to achieve their potentials. The school also tries to instill religious values into the minds of the students. It has a strong Catholic presence with the addition of the altar and the Latin motto, Quod vide! This shows its association with religion and faith. The school also has a strong Christian background with the presence of statues of Mother Mary and St. Francis of Assissi.

The building of CHIJ Primary School and the location of the schools are designed to maximize the learning experience for its students. The schools are separated by gender, to provide a special treatment to each sex. The school is separated by geography too so that classes are taught in the classroom and then split to areas for recreation.

CHIJ Primary School is also located very close to the primary and secondary schools and the parents are able to take their children to the local schools. There are many benefits of enrolling your child in CHIJ Primary School Singapore. For one thing is the location. The school is situated at a good distance from primary and secondary schools, making it easier for parents to take their children for education.

The second biggest advantage is that CHIJ Primary School has a solid foundation of teaching Christian values. The school also teaches moral and ethics lessons. These lessons make the students become more responsible with themselves. They are taught to understand and accept different lifestyles and beliefs. It also encourages healthy relationships between people and to respect all people and cultures.

The third biggest benefit of enrolling your child in CHIJ Primary School Singapore is the strong Christian influence on the school. The school values and teachings focus on the Bible and Christian beliefs. This influences the students to pursue sound Biblical values and lifestyle, which in turn develops character and improves personal hygiene and confidence.

The fourth biggest influence is the proximity of the school to other faith based institutions. Like the Catholic Church, the Church is a major influence on the lives of Singaporeans. As the name suggests, the church teaches its pupils core values such as honesty and integrity, obedience to parents, love and respect for others. The students in CHIJ Primary School also learn the basic Christian beliefs and the like.

The fifth and last big influence is the presence of Chinese churches in the area. The presence of the Chinese communities in the area is a great source of influences. Some of them adopted the Christian values from their community members, while some were not able to accept these values and left to develop their own independent way of life. One example is the Chinese community who migrated to Singapore after the Syuder dynasty.

The six most important values that the Singaporean school system tries to inculcate in its students are: cleanliness and hygiene, academic achievement, social justice, fair play, and self-respect. According to a CHIJ Primary School Singapore study, the students in this primary school show fair levels of academic achievement, but behind in terms of socially liberalization. The school believes that it is important to integrate people and cultures in order to promote inter-generational harmony and a sense of belonging among different backgrounds. It is believed by the school that positive influences will increase the demand for tolerance and understanding among the residents of the country.

In its mission as a forward-looking institution, the CHIJ Primary School Singapore successfully blends tradition and modernity by developing curriculum that is inclusive of traditional Chinese values. The school believes that the values instilled by the school, will penetrate into the hearts of the residents of the country and will promote harmonious coexistence among diverse lifestyles. Moreover, the values instilled by the school encourages independence and self-reliance among the students. It also promotes a healthy environment for learning and an intellectual exchange among classmates. The values of the school include strong spiritual beliefs, strong patriotic and cultural heritage, and respect for all individuals and communities.

As the name suggests, the CHIJ Secondary School Singapore is one of the primary schools of the prestigious Chingay Primary School in Singapore. The school was founded in 1939 and was known for its strong nationalistic and religious ethos. Among the various subjects taught at the school are arts, sciences and humanities; social science and history; and commerce and business. However, the values taught at the CHIJ Primary School Singapore are not solely confined within the classroom.

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