Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng Corporation

Park colonial is just situated near Woodleigh MRT station. It’s a new development which is a joint venture between KSH, Heeton and Chip Eng Seng. A company by the name CEL Unique development worn the bid for Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane after submitting its tenders totalling 700.7 dollars for that plot of land which equals to 1,1110 per square feet.

The bid for that plot of land is a second bid plot launching right next to Woodleigh MRT Station. The previous plot also had a great popularity and interest from developers and investors. This shows that the developers can do anything to get a plot and that they are upbeat the current real estate market in Singapore especially that the plot of land is strategically situated next to the upcoming a house estate known as Bidadari. The bid also shows that the local developers are turning to the current high bids given by the foreign developers.

Park Colonial Condo at Woodleigh Lane Singapore

The top four bids for Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane  have a very tight competition; they are very close margin suggesting that all the four developers are valuing the plot with similar prices. The plot is situated next to Barley and Bidadari which attracts a lot of people because of very reputable schools. The place is also expanding at a very high rate. The area has also many eateries. These eateries are along the Serangoon Avenue and Potong Pasir Avenue 1. This makes the area to be very attractive and has a fairly large population of people. This shows that it’s an ideal place to do business.

Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Corporation and Heeton Holdings

There was a stiff competition for the prime plot of land at Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Corporation. Notably, there were other interested bidders who submitted good bids but the most competitive bidder won the tender. The plot was launched under a government programme dubbed Government land sales programme. It’s estimated that there will be more than 700 units will be constructed in that plot. In total there were 15 bids for that prime land, this shows that investors are willing and hungry for plots next to MRT station.

Park Colonial Condo Next to Woodleigh MRT Station

Chip Eng Seng is the main partner in the park colonial park. They are a real estate developer which is based in Singapore. It has an excellent track record of satisfying their client’s needs. It was founded as early as in 1960 by MR> Lim who at that time was a subcontractor in that estate field. The firm at that time was based on quality and price incentives. This hastened the growth of the company and it grew quickly. It gained recognition and took a large market share.

Park colonial is just next to Woodleigh MRT Station which serves as a rapid tourist for tourist both the local tourists and the international tourists. MRT station is near Serangoon and it offers several amenities which serves many passengers. There are big screens in the platforms which shows an important message to travellers such as the arrival time, the station also offers exceptional services to the blind such as textile flooring. To sum with Park Colonial Park is strategically placed for investments and this is the reason why it attracted a lot of bidders.

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